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We accept nearly all major insurance plans for our primary care services including:

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans

contact our clinic directly at 210-333-0733.

It is important that you understand your own medical insurance coverage and limitations. We are happy to verify your insurance and file a claim on your behalf. It is your responsibilty to known your insurance benefits, coverage, deductibles and co-pays. All visits require a co pay regardless of type of visit. Refunds will be provided as dictated by your insurance coverage.


Save time when visiting the office and download all your patient registration forms here:
and Privacy practices here:
Additional Fees: 


There is an additional $25 dollar fee for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record, including:

  • Physical exam physician certification forms completed on a day other than examination date. 
  • Immunization Certifications
  • FMLA forms
  • We do not provide disability examinations.

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